Book Reviews

I generally review books that have caught my interest, usually audiobooks that I can listen to as my hands are busy doing crafts or driving. I prefer these, not just for the convenience, but because I love to hear stories told. I also occasionally review books for other websites, such as

I am an indie published writer and understand the difficulty it can be to get your book reviewed or read. I would love to expand my book review services to assist other writers. I appreciate the time others have spent reading my works and would like to pay back the favor.

Terms: As of now, I do not charge for a book review. I do require that you send a copy to me in the form of a Word Doc or PDF only. If you choose to send the book, it will be donated afterward to a local library or school, depending on the genre. I will offer to tweet the review for you and to post it on for you as well. I will only agree to do this for those books that I feel deserve at least a three-star rating. Any less, and I would be doing you a disservice. In this case, I would still be willing to give you private feedback for the first three chapters of your book. At this time, I am particularly interested in middle grade fantasy, but will also review picture books, young adult fantasy and adult fantasy. No erotic books, please. Not to denigrate this writing, but this is a children's and adult books site.

Sidebar advertisements: I will open up my sidebar to display the cover of your book for the month that your book review is featured. I am still building my own following on this blog, so a monthly fee of $10.00 is requested. We can discuss the terms of this if you choose to have your book reviewed by me. This is a low fee, as I've mentioned that I am still building a following here.

I can be contacted at Please query first before sending. I look forward to hearing from you.