Monday, July 3, 2017

Summer Camp Na No WriMo

I have very happily moved back into writing. I love NANOWRIMO because it kicks my behind to write. It's really easy to stop writing and to make excuses for not having the time. 
I forget sometimes when I do this that I really love to write. My summer camp project at Camp NaNoWriMo is one I started on a few years ago (yes, I can procrastinate that long) called The Basket Case about a widow who finds herself at loose ends only to suddenly become the manager of three craft stores and a recipient of evidence for a murder in her shop. 
It's funny that today I'm writing a chapter about silver linings. We don't always recognize these when they come our way, but I'm experiencing one myself. Summer means slower days for my Etsy shops, especially the yarn shop. Not great financially because schools are also closed and no sub jobs available, but more time to write. I signed up for NaNo this summer again and have managed eight pages in two days. I was a day late starting, of course. 
If you love to write and need encouragement, this is your chance to dive in the pool with the rest of us. November is always a tough writing month for me and I have yet to conquer the 50,000 words challenge. But summer camp is, well, summer camp - laid back and not as demanding. You can set your own goal, pages or word count for the month. I set my goal to 200 pages as I already had 102 pages completed before July. Yes, I'm behind, but let's see if I can catch up this afternoon or tomorrow. Happy 4th everyone! My handle is cobwebscaught, by the way. 

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