Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Magelica 3: Land of the Fairies Book Review

I have just finished reading Magelica's Voyage To The Land of the Fairies by Louise Courey Nadeau. This is the third in a series of magical adventure stories about Magelica, the half-human half-fairy as she explores her family roots.
In this book, Magelica is invited to visit the Council of Fairies to discover the story of her parents, a Fairy, named Zanna, and a human, named George. On the way, she is reminded that having a positive outlook is needed to overcome obstacles.
I enjoyed the illustrations in the book, done by Nathan Heinze, which really carried the story and will be a delight for young readers. I would say this book is appropriate for very young children who may not be ready for independent reading. It has questions in the end that provide for reflection and further interaction between children and their parents or teachers reading to them.
For parents looking for books without the rough gritty edges present in a number of modern books for young children, this book would be a relief. Although I think I would have liked a little more danger along the way to the Fairies than a menacing tree, I appreciate the book's pleasant characters, human and magical, and  the positive values it presents. I would recommend this book. I did receive a complimentary digital copy for review purposes.

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