Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Courage of a Samurai by Lori Tsugawa Whaley

The Courage of a Samurai, Seven Sword-Sharp Principles for Success, by Lori Tsugawa Whaley is an examination of the ancient samurai's culture and the relationship between this and our modern world. Seen through the eyes of a descendant
of the warrior samurai, Ms. Whaley gives us detailed accounts of Japanese individuals who have demonstrated the ideals of the samurai culture: courage, integrity, benevolence, respect, etc.
This is a book not meant to be consumed quickly, but one story at a time and perhaps some stories read over and over to further absorb the uplifting accounts. I believe one could open the book at any point to find inspiration.
Ms. Whaley has ventured beyond the usual samurai texts which focus on the Samurai themselves, and has shown us ways in which these ideals have not only survived in the Japanese people, but can inspire all of us to strive to become more courageous in our daily lives.