Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Upcycled Holiday Nightlight

My husband had asked me to make a gluten-free cake with chocolate frosting for a school social and we usually go with canned frosting to save time. He brought home a container of Duncan Hines chocolate icing. After the container was spread on the cake, I was washing it for the recycling bin. I noticed how translucent the plastic was, so of course, my mind began working on how I could up-cycle this project.
It took some doing to get the sticky part off after the label was removed. Why manufacturers feel they need the paper to adhere with such a death grip is beyond me. I much prefer jars with cheap glue, where the label floats off after being soaked for just a few minutes.

I had a bag of battery tea lights left over from Halloween on the kitchen counter, so I turned one on and inserted it into the now-empty tub. The light shone through softly, but distinctly. I thought of the votive patterns I have seen on the Cricut Design Space and pulled out my black vinyl.

Since the top was red, I decided it would be best for a Christmas votive. I didn't see any Christmas votive patterns, so I used the Santa sleigh from the Christmas file and the HO HO HO from Christmas Kitsch.

I plan to give this away soon. I liked how the project turned out. I did have to work the Santa side a little to fit it to the contour of the tub. I would advise placing it on first lightly and then lifting parts carefully to get a smooth fit. I think this would be a fun project to make for little ones. The plastic is soft and won't break if dropped and the votive should be safe. I'm not sure about leaving it lit for a while; make sure the votives used will stay cool. Hope you like it.Wouldn't this be cute to set on a nightstand next to the child's bed the night before Christmas while you read your favorite holiday books with your child?

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