Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Artful Marketer

I've started reading The Artful Marketer, by Minette Riordan, PH.D. I've, for one thing, never been interested in spending too much time thinking about business, much less wanted to spend time actually sitting down to read a book about it - until now. Being a creative person herself, Dr. Riordan delves into the mind of the creative person. She not only explains why most right-brained people shy away from the more drudgery part of business, she shows how to make these tasks - long range business plans/goals, handling budgets and other financial dealings, etc - more creative and fun themselves. Not only that, she teaches the reader how to turn a creative way of life into multi-digit income figures.

In reading just the first chapter of this book, I felt like Dr. Riordan was speaking directly to me. Like so many other crafters/artists, I live to create. I'm now counting down the days to my retirement this summer with daydreams of what it will actually be like to wake up and think, "What can I create today?" without worrying about lesson plans, attendance reports, meetings and so on and so on. But, in the back of my mind, I know I still need a bit of organization with two etsy shops, writing that's taken a back seat for too long to school and Zentangle classes to teach. Doing these left-brained activities just takes time away that I could use to create something.

I'm actually looking forward to applying some of Dr. Riordan's methods for setting up a goal display, which I plan to hang in my studio. I also plan to try some of her other ideas, such as storing and saving ideas that I plan to try later when I finish the ten projects I have ongoing at the present.
So, should you read this book? Are you a creative person who would like to not only make a living doing what you love, but would like to be highly successful at it? Absolutely. I will enjoy taking my time to learn to enjoy my businesses from every angle, making the business end as creative as the productive one. I've only read the first chapter and I'm hooked. But, then, she had me with "Color Wheel Marketing Theory."

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