Friday, July 11, 2014

Fevre Dream by George R R Martin

I've just finished, reluctantly, George R R Martin's novel, Fevre Dream. This is so far my top summer read in the adult fantasy genre. The story takes place along the Mississippi River mostly aboard the riverboat, Fevre Dream. The captain, Abner Marsh, has entered into a partnership with mysterious Joshua York, pale, reserved and nocturnal. Martin's ability to write three-dimensional unforgettable characters who show extreme heroism as well as a darker side does not disappoint in this book. Descriptions of the river, likewise, are intriguing as well as poetic and have left me with a desire to add sailing on a Mississippi riverboat to my bucket list. I borrowed my husband's physical copy to supplement when I wasn't in the car or crafting while listening to the audio version on my Kindle. Despite my sense of devouring this book, I felt myself slowing down for the last few chapters to savor the ending. Finishing a good book is like saying good-bye to old friends. It is bittersweet, but you appreciate the time spent together.

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