Sunday, June 29, 2014

A new YA book has hit the e-book shelves this week: The Boy from Buzby Beach by DW Davis, available for Kindle through Amazon. 

When do girl-boy friendships drift into more serious relationships and do they always give a warning? Not for Jacques O’Larrity, fifteen, son of the Parisian Bean's owner, Busby Beach’s best coffee shop. His friendship with Cienna, who did not return Jacques’ affections the summer before, has finally taken a serious turn just as a new summer girl, Scarlett grabs his heartstrings. Jacques is pulled in two directions until someone else makes the decision for him. The appearance of his long-absent deadbeat dad further complicates his already confused emotions.
Don’t be in a hurry to read this book. Take your time, brew a cup of good coffee, put your feet up – preferably on the deck of your beach cottage- and sit back to enjoy. Laid back and as easy going as the NC beach life they reflect, Davis’ characters will lull you into a pleasant world of local humor and close-knit community. A good summer read. Details take me back to days of sand in my flip flops, and greasy burgers that tasted like nothing better after a hot day in the NC surf. True to the coastal way of keeping the majority of local shops local, TBofBB, lets the reader in on the private lives of this story’s shop owners and families, and as Jacques puts it, “the unofficial club.”

DW Davis is also the author for the River Dream YA series. His easy-going writing style is perfect for those lazy afternoons on our beautiful NC beaches, just watching the waves and sipping a latte. 

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