Saturday, August 24, 2013

Waffles Ole!

So, I'm having this conversation with Maude this morning. For those of you who still don't know Maude (it's okay, Maude, most people don't know me either),she's one of the lovable spiders in Delores Fletcher, Cobweb Catcher. She and I were talking about everyday life. Mostly it's mundane, but every now and again, if you try just a little, you can make your life so much more interesting.
Maude, complaining: My life is always 'interesting,the problem is, with hundreds of babies at a time, it doesn't leave me much time to 'find myself.

Me: But, Maude, you have to make those times. If you don't have a free day, look at your surroundings and do something about those.
For instance,this morning, my mind and stomach were set for cereal, but I was out of my almond milk/coconut milk combo. Henry offered me his rice milk, but I declined - too weak.
Henry reminded me I had bought eggs after I'd settled on waffles, but remembered we were out of syrup.
Then, a light came on - Waffles Ole! A few minutes later, I was enjoying waffles with eggs of easy topped with salsa, an interesting start to my morning.

Maude: I just don't always have the energy to exercise my imagination.

Augie, snickering somewhere out of sight: Or exercise anything else from what I can tell.

Maude, placing four arms on her 'hips' and tapping one foot: I'll exercise my hordes by hunting you down this afternoon!

(Sound of multiple spider feet beating a hasty retreat.)

Me: You see, Maude, just a tiny bit of inspiration, and you've created a fun afternoon for you and your little ones. (Smile)

Maude winks three of her front eyes and waves as she beats a hasty retreat out of the door.

This was written in fun, but honestly, it's the truth. This morning some of my Goalie friends and I exchanged quick emails about trying to fit in just a few minutes of writing with our heavy workloads. This post took about 15 minutes and I feel like my brain has been exercised, I'm excited about facing the day and I've had a chance to visit again with some of my favorite characters.

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