Thursday, July 4, 2013

Camp Nanowrimo

I have so many works in progress, that sometimes it take something like Camp Nanowrimo to get me focused on just one so that I can actually finish. I'm still finishing the last touches on Zeylandicus, my middle grade fantasy novel, but I decided to use this month to complete an adult mystery, The Basket Case.
If you haven't heard of Camp Nanowrimo, this is an extension of the regular Nanowrimo - National Novel Writer's Month. Nanowrimo is held every November. Those who accept the challenge aim for 50,000 words for that month. They also try to complete a novel within a month. It's quite a challenge, but a lot of people do manage to do this.
I've tried the November Nano several times, but with teaching, November usually proves too busy a time for this. Camp Nanowrimo is perfect since I'm not working in the summer. I'm having a really fun time with this. The whole thing is free for anyone who wishes to participate. You just write on your computer, paper, napkins, etc. and update your word count each time on the website. You can join a "cabin" with other participants. This is motivating to me as I can see my cabinmates' progress and both give and receive encouragement.
So far, I've added 1,144 words to TBC. My husband, Henry, is writing this summer as well, so there is another source of support.
If you're looking for a critique group, but haven't found one yet, or just want to connect with other writers, this is an excellent place to start. Click on the links above to start your count. Even if you don't make the 50,000 words, it's still a plus and probably more than you would have done alone. So, climb on the bus and let's go. We'll save you some s'mores. 

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