Monday, April 22, 2013

Spine Poetry

I found this website through Renee@MDBookReviews and @pragmaticmom on twitter. What a wonderful way to get kids to explore a library or even your classroom bookshelf. Spine poetry according to 100 Scope Notes, orginiated with them. It consists of stacking several books so that their spines create a free verse. You can check out the galleries from the last four years. They are fascinating to read. I was looking for a quick lesson plan to do for Earth Day and am delighted to see these. I'll post some pics later of what my students come up with. Maybe our librarian will let us play there later when they get the idea down. I'm hoping this leads to an increase in their familiarity of titles they will come back and check out later. I just wish I had found this earlier in the year.

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