Friday, August 17, 2012

Write On Con 2012

Thanks so much to the staff at WriteOnCon. It was such a hoot to participate in this conference for the first time this year. I still can't believe that it's free. There is so much going on every minute of the conference that I must admit I felt a little overwhelmed at times.

The nice part is that it's online - totally. Participants can sit at home in front of the computer without having to rush from conference room to conference room to meet deadlines. They also save everything, so that if I needed to walk the puppy and missed the opening chat or video, I was able to pull up the reprint and catch up.

The pacing is nice as well. The vlogs presented were concise and to the point, but filled with wonderful information. One of my favorite was a nuts and bolts vlog by Shelley Moore Thomas called Do It Yourself. This appealed to my crafty side and was also perfectly timed to give me ideas for promotion of my book. I never thought of adding a ribbon to a business card to create a book mark for kids. This was a very clever video full of tips.

I also loved Jessica Martinez' "He Said, She Said, Creating Sexual Tension Through Dialog." The title says it all. I loved her tips and will probably watch this one a few times.

Claire Legrand had a nice article on determining if your MS is MG or YA. This can be difficult for writers whose characters fall sort of in the middle. She explains well the difference between.

I also submitted several of my writings, both in picture books and in MG. I did not get any feedback on my 5-page version of Zeylandicus, which was disappointing, but I did get great feedback on the first 250 words for this and for two of the picture books I submitted. Thanks so much to the people who took the time to help me with my writing. I will definitely use the advice.

Lastly, one of the great parts of participating in this conference is getting to read so many submissions by other writers. There are some truly incredible pieces and it's well worth the time to scan through to read them. I look forward to see many of them in print form in the future.

If you were unable to attend the conference live, you can still go on the website (see above) and pull up the articles and videos. Thanks again to the staff and faculty for a great experience. I'll definitely be back next year.

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