Sunday, August 26, 2012

Over in the Ocean App

Dawn Publications has a beautiful app for young children that teaches counting and nature. The illustrations are texturally and colorfully beautiful. Each page has interactive illustrations, such as an octopus baby that squirts ink to dolphin babies that swim in circles. Even toddlers should be able to manipulate this. I can see them sitting with this totally engrossed. I'm not a huge fan of mothers who use their iPads as baby sitters, but I do feel this is a wonderful "Mommy & Me" (or "Daddy & Me") activity. Parents who live near an aquarium or plan to visit one could use this to prepare their small children before the visit and as a follow-up activity afterwards to reinforce their trip. Okay, that's the teacher in me coming out, but I can see so many uses for this app. I'm very excited that I stumbled onto it.

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