Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Goalies' Schmooze 2012

John Claude Bemis, Karen Lee, and Stephen Messer
Our Goalies Writers' Schmooze was a huge success. Our guest speakers, John Claude Bemis (The Clockwork Dark Trilogy, The Prince Who Fell From the Sky), Karen Lee (ABC Safari), and Stephen Messer (Windblowne, The Death of Yorik Mortwell) were such patient and gracious judges for our First Page Critiques. Quail Ridge Books personnel in Raleigh, NC, were our host bookstore as usual and helped us get through one more year 
without a hitch.
Our Goalie, Jenny, did a great job of directing the Critiques.
We tried a First Page Critique for the first time this year. It was met with much enthusiasm from our attendees so that this may very well be repeated next year. 
Thanks so much to Quail Ridge Books

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