Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Spiders

Maude here, and just let me start out by saying that it's been too long. The snow outside is sparkling in the moonlight. It's a late snow for our area, well let me put it another way. Any snow in eastern NC is unusual, so we all go a little insane over the least little sprinkle. Kathy was out last night at 11:00 in the dark taking pictures from her front porch. Didn't come out too well as she is still getting used to her camera settings. It almost made me want to stage an impromptu play based on Jenny Nimmo's The Snow Spider. I said, "almost." Brrr! If you haven't read this triology, pick it up. Written with her usual sweet characters, it's easy to be drawn into a fantasy world which at the same time is perfectly believable. A young Welsh boy named Gwen celebrates his ninth birthday and discovers that he is a magician. His grandmother gives him five small objects: a brooch, a piece of seaweed, a thin whistle, a scarf and a broken toy horse. When he casts the brooch into the wind, a silver snow spider comes to him and begins to spin a magical web. But will this help him to find his missing sister, Bethann? I'm not telling. Read this one for yourself.
Note from Kathy: This trilogy series is good for a younger child who wants to begin reading chapter books, but isn't quite ready for one much over one hundred pages.

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