Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Perchance to Dream

Henry and I watched District 9 last night for the first time, then finished it off with reruns from Fringe, our kind of night. Well, it was kind-of except that he was complaining with his hand (surgery Monday) and I was complaining with my foot (podiatrist that morning). We finally called it a night after lots of comfort goodies, like hot chocolate and tangerines. I also added a Naprosyn for easier sleep. I woke this morning late after having the most incredible dream, very vivid, colorful and active. For once, I had the sense to immediately write it down. Dreams are often vivid upon waking, then remarkably opaque the later into the day we travel.
This one in particular had a lot of easily recognizable symbolism for me. And, of course, I dreamt in Sci Fi. The details of the dream came to me from my life, paintings I admire, and movies I've seen. They're pretty easy to separate, but pulled together, make for an interesting new idea for a short story. The surreal aspect of the dream (as most dreams are) also gives it a tone to work around which I like.
I've heard that some people keep dream journals to find answers to their daily lives. That may help, or not, depending upon the honesty of the person dreaming. I think that when we can realistically look at our lives as they are, dreaming can be an extension of our inner fears and hopes. We can scarcely discount them as fluff or silliness, even when they are comical upon wakening. How many times do we wrack these same brains for ideas or sit mesmerized in front of our laptops with writer's block?
For a writer, what better material to come our way, free of charge and begging to be used before fading into our mental storehouses. If your dreams decide to give you a present this holiday season, or anytime during the coming year, don't turn them away; take up your pen or laptop and start recording.

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